Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yoobao 11200mAh Portable Power Bank Battery

Yoobao 11200mAh Portable Power Bank Battery

This super high capacity powerbank can be used as an emergency battery anytime you don't have access to a computer, car charger or wall charger. Great solution for long flights, hikes, or for anytime you don't have access to an AC outlet. External Rechargeable Battery Pack for iPhone, iPod,samsung, HTC, Ipad, Galaxy Tab other cell phones, PSP, NDS and digital device. It is convenient, portable and makes you enjoy talk, music & playing games when your device is no power .

Main Feature:
- The battery charger can also be used as torch
- 5 capacity indicator lights
- Universal brand new and high quality external battery
- High capacity and high compatible
- Dual USB outputs to charger 2 devices at the same time
- Fashion design, slim and delicate appearance and convenient to use
- Powerful with long operation time
- Electricity-saving function

Compatible with:
iPhone 4/4S, 3Gs/3G,iPad 1/2, iPod
MP3/MP4, PSP, NDS, all digital devices charged via USB port
Other Mobile phone
Digital Camera

Item:Power Bank YB-642
Cell-type:Li-ion battery
Input:DC 5V 1000mA
Output:1.DC 5.3V 1000mA(MAX) 2.DC 5.2V-2000mA (MAX)
Material:Non-flammable,ABS housing Non-flammable PCB
Package Weight:415g
Package Size:23*13*4.6cm

Package Content:
1 x 112000mAh Battery Charger Power Bank with Torch for iPhone/Cell Phone/Camera/MP3 etc
1 x Charger
1 x DC3.5 switch Cable
1 x Mini USB switch Cable
1 x NOKIA DC2.0 Adaptor
1 x Samsung Adaptor
1 x Sony Ericssion Adaptor
1 x Sony PSP Adaptor
1 x Apple Adaptor
1 x Micro USB Adaptor
1 x Mini USB Adaptor

RM145 including Pos Laju