Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Redhot Diamond Scn Protector Blackberry 9800 torch

Redhot Diamond Profesional Screen Protector for Blackberry Torch 9800

Good quality
Clean off the dust on your screen

features :

the harden procession of surface meets the high standard of 4H, preventing from scratching and rubbing

99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays radiated from the LCD screen can be filtered out, so as to protect your eyes

specially protection function in term of anti-glare, eliminate 98i% reflected light and strong glare light, to improve the display chromaticiry.

crystal material 99% transparency rate, maintain the image quality distortionless.

can stick it on the screen repeatedly without any vestige, won't erode the surfaceof the screen.

anti-static , anti-dust, to keep it clean all the time.

normal price RM25 without postage

Now RM20 including postage

market price around rm45++