Thursday, March 17, 2011


Sponge balls disk head hair stick hair bud appetizer plate made with Because the export of foreign trade products Imported sponge sponge is a three-dimensional sense.Sponge quality is very good, even if the switch to 100 times, there will not be any deformation of foam sponge with the import High rebound effect. Head up and stick with the fitness does not feel like pulling the hair will not sleep after the drive up Was the collapse of the scalp that tight feel so collapse is not good for the hair root

about 22.5cm * 5cm

Instruction :

1. Gather hair and pull through center or hair bun
2. Arrange hair over the bun
3. Place the bun roll at the ends of hair and roll towards scalp
4. Roll the bun until desired position
5. Complete by securing the bun with hair pin

Colour: Black

RM6 + RM3 postage